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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m new to Yoga. What classes should I take?
If you are brand new to Yoga and are feeling nervous or uncomfortable about jumping into regular group classes, then we recommend starting with our Yoga Basics Classes. This is a wonderful program that will build your confidence and strength to move into our Classic Hatha or Vinyasa Flow Level I/II Group Classes. Yoga Basics doesn't work with your schedule?  Try our 
Intro To Privates Package.

If you don’t feel like you need Yoga Basics classes and are comfortable starting with our regular classes, we recommend you begin with our Classic Hatha classes or Hot Yoga Express. Once you are comfortable here and want to expand your practice, you can try Vinyasa Flow Level I/II. Yin Yoga is also a great option for those who are looking for deep muscle lengthening and joint lubrication. Yin Yoga consists of floor-based postures that will help with your joint range of motion and increase circulation throughout the body. The more you practice and learn your body and breath, the more you can explore our options and the levels we offer. 

I’m new to Barre. What classes should I take?
Barre is an exercise class that will leave you feeling stronger and leaner after each class. Begin with All Level Classes. Our
Erdenheim Studio offers many All Level classes that you can explore. Level II/III Classes are more advanced for the student who has a strong foundation and is interested in getting a rigorous workout. Interested in a private session to learn some foundational skills before joining group classes? We offer a great Intro To Privates Package.

I'm new to Pilates. What classes should I take?
We offer a variety of levels in our Pilates Mat classes. As a beginner we suggest starting with Level I/II classes and progressing into higher level classes for a more vigorous practice. Interested in a private session to learn some foundational skills before joining group classes? We offer a great 
Intro To Privates Package

How do I choose the best teacher(s) for me? 
With the large number of teachers we have on staff, there is someone for you! We encourage you to explore a variety of teachers and classes throughout your
First Time Visitor Promo pass.

What Level Classes should I take? 
On our schedule classes are either labeled as Level I/II, All Level, or Level II/III. If you are a brand new beginner try to stick to the Level I/II and All Level Classes. Level II/III classes are for those who have a strong foundation, are interested in expanding their practice, and looking to find deeper challenges. 

What should I wear and bring to my Yoga, Barre, or Pilates class? 
Yoga: Bring a water bottle and yoga mat. A hand towel is optional. If you do not have a mat, you can borrow one from us in the short term but we do recommend having your own specifically for hygienic reasons. We also sell
mats that are environmentally friendly. (Many yoga mats are PVC based so read the label before making a purchase!) Wear comfortable clothing that can move and breath... really, any style of exercise clothing works! No socks. 
Hot Yoga: Bring a water bottle, (if you forget yours we have a filtered water cooler onsite), yoga mat, large towel to cover your mat, and a small towel to wipe away sweat. We sell
towels designed specifically for hot yoga as well as yoga mats with “towel” top – the “All in One”! Wear fitted clothing that can move and breath. No socks.
Barre: Bring a Yoga or Pilates mat. We have all the other props you will need! Wear comfortable clothing that can move and breath. You can wear grippy socks or dance socks. We sell socks for Barre in both studios. 
Mat Pilates: Bring a Yoga or Pilates mat. We have all of the other props you will need! Wear comfortable clothing that can move and breath. 

How hot is Hot Yoga? 
We offer a variety of Hot Yoga classes at Twisters Wellness Centers.

Class temperatures and humidity are as follows: 
Bikram / Bikram Express: 105°-110° with approximately 50% humidity. 
Hot Vinyasa:  95° -100° with humidity between 30% and 60% depending on the teacher.

Class temperatures are marked on the schedule. 

I’ve got two left feet. Can I still come to Barre classes?
Barre classes are exercise classes that are ballet and dance based. You do not need any dance experience or dancing skill to participate and receive the many great benefits of this class. If you are interested in toning your legs, derriere, arms, and abs, this is a great opportunity for you to build the strength you’re looking for!

Do you have a Loyalty Program?
Yes. Every time you spend money at Twisters you earn points that can be redeemed at 
Perkville for Group Classes or Semi-Privates.

Can I sign up for classes online?
Yes. You can sign up for classes, review our schedules, and purchase packages online through 
MindBody. We also have an App for smart phones. Learn more about our App.


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