Client Review

Are you interested in sharing your love of Twisters with us? Email me and I will share with everyone! Here is our first client review from Nick Claxton. He started Yoga 101 with us in January and now is a dedicated member attending Classic Hatha classes twice per week. 

"I have been a distance runner for over 30 years, having run 25 marathons, and countless shorter races. Until a couple of years ago, I was fortunate to have remained relatively injury-free, apart from the odd muscle pull here and there over the years. In the past two years, though, I noticed that I was experiencing either minor pulled muscles or having muscles 'threaten' to pull - enough to force me to cut back or completely curtail training on a fairly regular basis. I therefore decided to try yoga, but without having any real conviction that it would help too much.

However, after trying my first ever yoga session in January, I have begun to attend an average of 1 - 2 times week, and am very pleased that I have not experienced a single pulled muscle since I started the sessions, despite increasing training, including some track sessions. The increased flexibility and strengthening benefits from the yoga have been extremely beneficial. It helps that I have come to really enjoy and look forward to the Hatha sessions conducted by Katelyn. (An added bonus is that I was lucky enough to win my age group in the last couple of races I ran).

Yoga is a form of disciplined cross-training that I had never previously considered, but am very glad that I have found."    -Nick Claxton

Congratulations to Nick on winning his age group and thank you for the kind review! Come try Yoga with us today!

Have a beautiful weekend.