Corinne Jones

~ Hot Yoga Instructor / Hot Pilates Instructor
For Corinne, the joy of leading students in yoga and Pilates practice comes from observing the remarkable transformation that occurs for each one of them as they develop their own consistent practice. Wellness is the state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as a result of deliberate effort. During her own journey in search of sustainable Wellness, Corinne explored numerous fitness methods and found that a consistent Vinyasa Yoga practice provided her the best pathway to achieving her goal. A long-time yoga practitioner, she completed Yoga Teacher Training 2015 and began sharing her experience with others. Her professional training and experience in psychology and learning theory enable her to facilitate very impactful Vinyasa training for students from all backgrounds and physical abilities. Corinne has also experienced first hand how adding High Intensity Interval Training (Hot Pilates) to a fitness routine complements the Vinyasa practice and significantly advances her students’ progress towards Wellness.

Corinne Jones is currently not instructing any classes.