Kelly Bielby

After 15 successful years in nonprofit management, Kelly joins the team at Twisters to teach Pilates Mat, Reformer and other Pilates Equipment Classes. Kelly began studying Pilates after an injury limited her range of motion and stability. Kelly loves how Pilates is grounded in alignment and it can lead to better posture, balance, muscle tone and overall body strength.
Kelly specializes in using the classical Pilates method as a way to exercise safely in proper form, prevent or help heal from injury and correct imbalances that can result from sitting for long periods. She believes a regular practice of Pilates informs your body awareness allowing for “spontaneous zest and pleasure,” as Joe Pilates himself said. Throughout her journey as a teacher, Kelly is continually amazed and inspired by the work that Pilates can accomplish for everyone and how the exercises can be practiced during all stages of life. Kelly truly believes all persons are capable of moving in a healthy and sustainable way given the opportunity.
Kelly is committed to creating strong relationships with clients. She is also available for private instruction sessions. Please contact the studio to arrange.

Kelly Bielby instructs the following:
  • Pilates Tower: All Level
  • These classes are designed for those who have mastered the Reformer workout routines and want a vigorous core body workout. Advanced registration and payment is required. Please call 215-654-5393 for availability as space is limited to 5 people.
    Tower class...Pilates class with spring resistance, which means it results in a visibly toned midriff, healthier posture, and those lean, sculpted muscles that leave you feeling like a badass!

    Regardless of age or ability level, individuals will sit, stand or lie down on a mat and work with resistive springs attached to the wall to move through exercises similar to mat and reformer class. The tower exercises specifically help isolate muscles to build strength, flexibility and muscular endurance. Tower class is an easier place to start if you’re new to pilates; however, it also offers a more intensive challenge to the long time student.

    While Pilates fanatics can enjoy these benefits year-round, there’s no better time to showcase your hard work than in the sunshine of the summer months!

  • Reformer Class All Level
  • These classes offer a variety of Beginner to Intermediate Level exercises. Advanced registration and payment is required. Please call 215-654-5393 for availability as space is limited to 5 people.

  • Reformer Class Level I
    For clients who are new to Pilates or have little Pilates experience. Focus on key pilates movement principles such as breath, pelvic alignment and stability, shoulder and hip mechanics, and curl. Begin with mat exercises to safely understand exercises then move to other equipment to learn proper form while developing core muscles. This class will help with overall movement, posture, balance, muscle tone and overall body strength.