Allison Mildenberg

~ Barre Instructor
Allison Mildenberg is a suma cum laude graduate of Marymount Manhattan College where she majored in dance and minored in dance education. Living and studying in New York City, she was exposed to a number of renowned teachers and dance legends that have influenced both her dancing and teaching styles. It was also during this time that she discovered and developed a passion for Barre and Pilates.
She continued to study Barre and Pilates upon moving back to Philadelpia. Her ownership of a collection of diverse styles and teaching methods for all ages has helped turn Allison into a profound instructor with over 15 years of teaching experience.

Allison Mildenberg instructs the following:
  • Barre Class: All Level
  • All Levels Welcome

    Barre class is a ballet-derived workout that doesn’t require actual dancing or a background in dance. Set to fun, fast-paced music, classes include a high energy warm-up and and lots of fabulous exercise to workout all parts of your body! Thighs and glutes will get a great workout at the barre, arms will be sculpted and strengthened through the use of light weights, bands and plank style exercises, lift and tone your tush through small movements and lots of great exercises to tone and strengthen all parts or your core - front, side and back.  Class ends with a cool down of stretching designed to lengthen and elongate muscles.


    Barre classes are a great way to get strengthen your yoga practice or cross train for any other physical activity.


    Don't miss out on the best workout in town!!